Sunday, December 13, 2015

Becoming the Story We Tell

Dear Friends,

     Here you'll find a contemplative prayer exercise for each day of the Lenten season.  These simple moments are offered with the hope of helping you connect with God during your Lenten journey.  These exercises also affirm the importance of you and your unfolding story.

     This blog is part of the digital content supporting the Church of the Holy Spirit's Lenten Program.  Their Lenten theme is to "Become the Story We Tell."

     Here, you'll find simple contemplative exercises to deepen your awareness and presence of God. The exercises incorporate scripture, music videos, art, mindful movement, moments in nature and more.  You may want to sign up for the RSS feed and you will receive one post each day during Lent.  You will find the following themes throughout the week:
Sunday: Sacred Scripture and Prayer
Monday: Music Videos to Warm Your Heart
Tuesday: Art to Celebrate You
Wednesday: Simple Mindful Movements
Thursday: Moments in Nature
Friday: Information on Telling Your Story
Saturday: Affirmations for Playfulness and Nourishment
Wishing you many blessings of light and hope this Lenten season!
Most Sincerely,
Kimberly Borin

Photo by Kimberly Ann Borin, Copyright 2016