Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trail Mix for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Dear Friends,

     There is something so satisfying about trail mix, especially if you are on a long journey.  I am always fascinated with the different textures, tastes, and colors that can be combined to bring strength and nourishment on the trail, the road, or even the couch!  When I make trail mix I love to think about what each ingredient might represent - making the trail mix nourishing on every level.
     You can give your own list of ingredients special qualities too - but I thought I would offer a starter list.  Below you will find a delicious and celebratory trail mix that will nourish your body, mind, spirit, and dreams come true too!

Wishing you the perfect nourishment for the Lenten journey,

Ingredients for Trail Mix for Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Mini-Marshmallows for Playfulness
  • Pretzels for An Easy Journey (with not too many twists and turns!)
  • Mini M&M’s for Mini Moments of Sweetness
  • Bananas for A Tropical Vacation Feeling -Always
  • Raisins for Resting in the Arms of God
  • Cranberries for Love
  • Granola for Creativity and Celebrating Your Story
  • White Chocolate Chips for A Loving Community of Friends, Family, and Angels too!
  • Dried, Salted Edamame Beans for Being Grounded and Centered in the Spirit
  • Sunflower Seeds for Strength and Courage When You Need It
  • Pumpkins Seeds for Planting, Growing, and Blossoming of Your Heart’s Desires
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans for Positive Energy :)
  • Almonds for More Rest, Peace, and Healing
  • Chocolate Chips to Celebrate You, Your Beauty, and Your Gifts
  • Stir with grace and patience, serve with Love!